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Granny flats in Melbourne - Modern and Affordable

Granny flats in Melbourne are the best and most affordable solution for those looking to keep their extended families together, or for those who are simply looking for more space. At Garden Studios, we have been providing the highest quality of relocatable homes and granny flats at an affordable price for both situations, right across Melbourne. With a wide variety of options and different styles, plus our commitment to exceptional customer service, we are best placed to build your new granny flats in Melbourne, Victoria.

calatrava granny flat
$18,000 AUD
Size: 3.3m x 2.2m
Bathroom: No
cherry granny flat
$24,500 AUD
Size: 3.6m x 2.7m
Bathroom: No
pei granny flat
$43,000 AUD
Size: 5.5m x 2.7m
Bathroom: No
foster granny flat design
$74,000 AUD
Size: 6.4m x 3.6m
Bathroom: Yes
bawa granny flat
$108,500 AUD
Size: 12.3m x 5.7m
Bathroom: Yes

Our reputation is built on dependability and reliability, as well as being 100% Australian owned and operated. All of the granny flats that we can offer you have been made at our Moorabbin based factory, where we keep an eye on maintaining our high standards of workmanship. We comply with all local Melbourne and Victorian government build practices for our granny flats, and can also assist you with building approval submissions.

We work with you on building your granny flat.

At Garden Studios, we understand the importance of personalisation when it comes to your new granny flat. We sit down with you to discuss your future granny flat, where we can hear your particular needs, and come up with a solution that will benefit you in the long run. Whether you want to provide your family members a safe haven or are simply just looking to create your very own recreational area in Melbourne, we are here to help you build your secondary suite.

More than just a granny flat.

Our granny flats in Melbourne are built to impress, no matter what they’re used for. For those looking to retain their independence, whilst remaining close to family, your granny flat will be a home that you can be proud of. Garden Studios are here to help out those who are looking for dual occupancy. From extra office space, to providing a spot for the kids to chill out and relax, and much more, everyone in the family will be able to enjoy your dwelling.

Your preferred granny flat builders in Melbourne.

We have been able to build a strong reputation as reliable and trust-worthy granny flat builders because:

Affordable granny flat solutions.

Our affordable granny flats in Melbourne are designed to be accessible to all, whilst also setting the trends in modern design. We aim to create both a backyard cabin that you can be proud of, on top of one that is practical and suits the purpose of your purchase. Not only do they look good, but they’re environmentally friendly as well. We do not use a concrete base during construction, and we also focus on using eco-friendly building materials.

We understand that space and bringing your family closer together is far more important than anything else. Our commitment to our customers has always been to design, create, and install affordable backyard studios Melbourne wide, no matter the size of the project. We want you to enjoy the home that you live in, and we are more than happy to work with you, and tailor a solution that meets your budget, as well as the needs of your family.

Contact Garden Studios for Granny Flats Solutions.

At Garden Studios, we have a great variety of Melbourne granny flats to choose from. We are located in south-east Melbourne, Victoria and we use only locally produced products and materials for all of our granny flat designs. Garden Studios Melbourne is also committed to a sustainable future, and all of the bungalows and granny flats that we can provide will also include eco-friendly building practices.

Whether it be a home for a family member, or simply additional space to stimulate the creative nous, we’re here for you. Our granny flat design and building consultants will be all ears, as we work together to design an outdoor studio that everyone in the family can enjoy. If you are in Victoria, contact us right away, and let’s design your new backyard cabin in Victoria.

For more details, get in touch with us at Garden Studios - your preferred granny flats builders in Melbourne who are well known to provide you with affordable and modern granny flats with premium look to suit your standards, budget and requirements.