Pei Granny Flat From Garden Studios Uncategorized
December 8, 2017

7 Tips to Choose the Most Reliable Granny Flat Builder

Choosing the right person or company as a granny flat builder is extremely important to get right the first time. With so many things that can go wrong, from the…

Calatrava Granny Flat From Garden Studios NEWS AND TIPS
October 10, 2017

Granny Flats and Housing Affordability

The affordability of property in Melbourne has become an important issue of late, with many governments trying to lower the costs of this important asset. However, many people in Melbourne…

The kitchen interior of one of granny flats NEWS AND TIPS
September 27, 2017

The Return in Popularity of Granny Flats

The perception of what granny flats are has definitely changed over the years. From one room bungalows in the backyard to the stylish, five-star resort type granny flats of these modern times,…

Bawa Granny Flat From Garden Studios NEWS AND TIPS
September 27, 2017

Building Permits for Granny Flats

Building permits for granny flats, swimming pools, or pretty much any structure that you can think of should be the main consideration prior to turning soil. Building permits differ from state…