A 10sqm Home Office – Jim Grant’s SENSEI Thinkpod Design

Garden Studios presents the “Sensei“. A “Think Pod”. A Think Pod is a space for the creative mind. A home office for some, a gym or rumpus roof for others. Call it what you may. It is undeniably a space close to the home that gives you the privacy and the room to be the best at whatever you do. It’s far enough away from your family, and yet within walking distance from your fridge. Garden Studios offers a range of five Think Pod designs all within the 10 square metre platform.

This Pod is owned by Jim Grant, a business consultant, who decided that the space will serve him well. It saves him the commute to town and Jim believes it is utilitarian enough to welcome his clients and colleagues for productive discussions.

Wouldn’t you trade the four walls of an inner city office for a productive space in the garden?