A Life-Changing 10 sqm Home Office Pod

Home Office Pod

Alice Stolz, a devoted homeowner, had never given much thought to modifying her beloved house. However, the unexpected events of last year’s lockdown posed a significant challenge for her family. With both Alice and her husband required to work from home full-time, and their children adapting to remote learning, their house suddenly felt cramped and lacking in functional spaces. It was during this trying period that Alice discovered the perfect solution for her family’s evolving needs: Think Pods –  A life-changing 10 sqm home office pod.

They opted for a 10 sqm home office pod, which didn’t require a building permit, and added extra-large windows for natural light.

During the weekdays, Alice’s Think Pod seamlessly transformed into a home office, serving as a professional haven for both her and her husband. Located just a few steps away from the main entrance of their cherished home, the convenience of the Think Pod allowed them to separate their work lives from their personal space while maintaining easy accessibility.

When the weekend rolls around, Alice’s children eagerly make use of this cozy space to practice their instruments. It’s their special little space where they can pour their hearts into creating beautiful melodies and perfecting their skills. Click here to read about her experience with her 10 sqm home office pod on domain.com.au