Granny Flats and Housing Affordability

By October 10, 2017NEWS AND TIPS

The affordability of property in Melbourne has become an important issue of late, with many governments trying to lower the costs of this important asset. However, many people in Melbourne and all over the country have already tried to make their own affordable homes. This is where granny flats and housing affordability have come into play. In this article, we’re going to be discussing how you can follow suit.

Granny flats as an alternative

As we have discussed recently, granny flats have come into their own as a sign of liveable and sustainable housing. In fact, they use top-quality materials like traditional buildings and can be built quickly anywhere you want. The benefits of choosing a granny flat for extended or permanent living are numerous and endless. Many people in Melbourne, and especially in rural Victoria, have used these buildings to set up their own comfortable abode.

Also known as kit houses, granny flats built for this purpose are quite affordable. They require only a small parcel of land usually at the back of block, behind a home, and due to the quick construction process, they also cut down on the costs associated with labour and working hours. They are also now much larger than they were in previous decades. This essentially means that you can have your very own two- or three-bedroom property in Melbourne for only a fraction of what it would cost to build a larger property of the same size.

How we can help

Garden Studios are bespoke creators and reliable granny flat builders in Melbourne, and have provided many such homes on an affordable basis to hundreds. Our designers will be able to sit down with you and discuss your kit home. They will suggest layout ideas and tailor a package to fit your budget and needs. Garden Studios have provided these innovative homes at an affordable price to hundreds. Our designers will be able to personally sit down with you and discuss your kit home.

As one of the budget-friendly granny flats experts, the Garden Studios team are more than happy to help you construct your dream home. We can work within any constraints, guaranteeing top-notch craftsmanship and always providing friendly service. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our designs or inquiries about your affordable granny flat in Melbourne.

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