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By September 20, 2018NEWS AND TIPS

Granny flat living is a lifestyle choice. Agree?

Because when you choose to build or live in a granny flat, you choose a hip, trendy, free-spirited, dare we say ‘fashionable’ way of living. It’s a lifestyle that opens up a wealth of options particular to granny flats when it comes to entertaining guests and stay-at-home recreation.

Of course, living it up means living in superior granny flats, since the overall look and space management of your granny flat directly affects your quality of life. Once you’re done choosing your designer granny flat, try checking out these ideas for making the most of your granny flat lifestyle.

Maximising Me-Time or Family Fun

Maybe you don’t have anyone actually living in your granny flat or garden studio, and you’ve put one in more as a home extension or a sort of second living room rather than an accessory dwelling unit. If that’s the case, you might want to put your granny flat to one or (if you can manage it) more of these uses.

Home Office. A popular use for granny flats especially with online work on the rise, having a study or work space that is completely separate from your home will help you focus as well as “draw the line” for the rest of your family during office hours. It will also help you to “switch off” once logging-out time rolls round.

Study Room. While this may not be as popular among your kids, giving them a separate space for doing homework or hitting the books might actually be more conducive to study and concentration. If you homeschool your children, turning your granny flat into a little schoolhouse for them can help instil the routine and discipline they need as students.

Home Studio. Give your family’s artists, be they painters, sculptors, writers or musicians, a place to work in peace and quiet, as well as convenient storage for their equipment, books or instruments. Having a nice view of your garden might even help in the creative process.

Pie Granny Flat Design - Garden Studios

Pei granny flat design is perfect for a large bedroom, executive home office or potentially even a secondary living room.

Workshop. For the hobbyists in your family who are into building scale models or tinkering with computers or other gadgetry, your granny flat could be the best place for them. Given that you are in the garden, arts & craftsy types might want to try working on flower bed-windmills, planters, stepping stones, wind chimes or other garden-themed projects.

Playroom. A great way to give the kids space for being kids (and keep the house clean), your granny flat makes an excellent play area and storage room for toys. You can even host a playgroup with a few other kids while you and their mums or dads catch up over coffee in the kitchen or the main house.  

Game Room. Granny flats are great for all-night video game marathons with friends which lessen the chances of waking your parents (or the neighbours) up. If your garden studio has one empty wall, you might even try hooking up a projector to give a whole new meaning to “getting in the game”.

Home Theatre. Now you can enjoy movies without having to shush the noisy person in the back or crane your neck to see behind someone passing in front of you. And if your granny flat has a toilet, your home theatre will be perfect for binge-watching trilogies (and then some). Try using a soundbar instead of speakers, or put speakers on shelves to save space.

Man Cave or She Shed. For Dad, Mum or anyone else who needs that special somewhere of their own, the privacy provided by a granny flat could be just the thing. Depending on what he or she likes to do best, don’t forget to add all the little touches that will make the space his or her own.

Home Gym. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a whole lot of space or fancy equipment; in fact, a garden studio might be all the space you need. You can set up a compact home gym with just a mat, a kettlebell, dumbbells, a foam roller, skipping rope and a pull-up bar in your doorway. If you have more space, you can add an exercise ball or step.

Home Spa. If you like getting a massage at home, you’re bound to like it even more in your very own home spa. A massage bed or table and a little aromatherapy are all you need, but if you’re willing to invest in a hot tub there are smaller, portable ones you may be able to fit into your garden studio.


With the buffet in the studio proper and the guests out on the lawn.

Entertaining Guests Garden Studio Style

A granny flat might be just right for a guest bedroom or two, which is fantastic for friends or extended family staying over for an extended period. But if you are actually living in the granny flat, know that a smaller living space doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t invite guests over. Here are some ideas for giving visitors to your granny flat a great time.

Intimate Get-Togethers. There’s a world of difference between packing your house with 50 people and constant room-hopping to see that everyone’s glass is full, versus having two to four friends over for a cosy evening catching up over casual drinks. The deck of your garden studio might be just the place for sipping and sharing.

Garden Parties. With the buffet in the studio proper and the guests out on the lawn (plus the permission, if necessary, of the main house’s residents), a garden studio garden party makes perfect sense. Indeed, many people use their granny flats as a separate party area away from the main house, and enjoy decorating their gardens for an Instagrammable party experience.

Barbecues. The question whether Australia was the “barbecue hotspot of the world” wasn’t asked for nothing, after all—making a barbie party hosted by a garden studio resident as much sense as the regular, garden variety. You can use a disposable barbecue so you won’t have to store it in your granny flat afterwards, but be sure to follow government safety rules.

Pool Parties. Finally, if the garden of your garden studio happens to have a pool, hosting a pool party almost comes naturally. Make sure you don’t have any glassware, the food is both easy to eat and serve, and that there are lots of inflatable toys or balloons in the pool. Passing disposable waterproof cameras around is also bound to be a hit with your guests.

Looking forward to your granny flat lifestyle? Don’t forget that the first step starts with a gorgeous garden studio. Get in touch with us at Garden Studios to make your granny flat dreams a reality, today.

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