Prefabricated Studio: The OPUS-C

By January 21, 2019NEWS AND TIPS

Introducing the Opus C, our latest prefabricated studio that enters the world. At Garden Studios, we understand the importance of time. That’s why we’re excited to tell you that Opus C can be ready in just 4 days. And here’s the kicker: we’re aiming for just 3 days. That means you’ll enjoy your new space sooner than you think.

Quality doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Priced at just $14,900, the Opus C offers an affordable solution to your space needs. Moreover, whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat, a garden office, or a hobby shed, this prefabricated studio is designed to cater to your every need without breaking the bank.

The Opus C isn’t just about functionality; it’s about aesthetics too. With steel composite cladding on all four sides, this studio not only stands the test of time but also stands out with its modern, sleek appearance. Your space should reflect your style, and the Opus C is here to make sure it does.

Garden Studios is in the process of building a slightly larger studio with a bathroom with young adults in mind. The objective is to have a rent-free abode that can be placed anywhere in Oz.