Whether you’re seeking a cost-effective home office or have the desire of building it yourself,  GardenStudios  in Melbourne offers the best of both worlds. Additionally, leave the foundation and building to us, and you can add your personal touch with the finishing details and personalization. Moreover, build your dream office shed and create a space that truly reflects your style and needs. So, start your DIY journey with us today!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your DIY Office Shed can come to life! In addition, the construction time is just 4 weeks from the approval of drawings. In no time, you’ll have your dream workspace ready to enjoy. Plus, Moreover, GardenStudios backs it up with a fantastic 10-year structural warranty. What’s even better is that you won’t need a building permit, making the construction process hassle-free.

Get ready for an exciting DIY journey with the DIY Office Shed!

What You Get From Us

  1. Construction of the Pod within 4 weeks from approval of drawings.
  2. Site inspection and design consultation.
  3. Strong foundation and insulated steel subfloor for year-round comfort.
  4. Insulated roof panels and steel frames. The solid 19mm yellow tongue flooring will provide a firm base for all your creative ventures.
  5. A stylish modern look with a Weathertex facade and Colorbond corrugated sides that perfectly complement your backyard.
  6.  Our roofing and exterior features ensure efficient rainwater management with a Colorbond gutter and downpipe. Plus, you have the option to add a 300mm overhang for added protection and style.
  7. Welcome the outdoors with open arms through an aluminum double-glazed sliding door (2.1m x 1.8m).
  8. An aluminum double-glazed awning window (0.6m x 1.55m), creating a bright and airy atmosphere for your creative endeavors.

The DIY Part:

Bring Your Interior to Life: You’ll have the freedom to add your touches to the interior walls by installing 10mm plasterboard with a tri-quad cornice, or plywood or any other susbtrate you require. Also, get creative with MDF skirtings and architraves to achieve the look you desire.

Ensure Comfort and Coziness: Take charge of the insulation process to ensure a comfortable workspace throughout the year. Especially install the Bradford Soundscreen R2.5 for the walls and R2.8 for the roof, providing warmth and tranquility, to increase the sound insulation characteristics.

Personalize with Your Colors: Let your personality shine through by choosing your favourite paint colors. This way, your office shed will truly feel like an extension of yourself.

Create an Inviting Floor Space: With six charming Oakleaf laminate flooring options, you get to decide the flooring that complements your style and sets the cozy ambiance of your new workspace.

Set the Perfect Ambiance: It’s time to make the space uniquely yours by planning the electrical setup. Add outlets, switches, and lights to create the ideal atmosphere for your creative pursuits. Don’t forget to select an exterior wall ligh or two to welcome yourself and your visitors.

Personalize the Interior: Add 10mm plasterboard, MDF skirtings, and architraves for a professional look.

Stay Cozy & Comfortable: Install Bradford Soundscreen R2.5 insulation for year-round comfort.

Express Yourself with Colors: Choose HAYMES quality paint for a unique office shed.

Cozy Flooring Options: 6 Oakleaf laminate flooring options, and buy directly form our supplier. Keep in mind that flooring is not included.

Design Your Lighting: Add outlets, switches, lights, and a welcoming exterior wall light.

Important Considerations for your Office Shed:

  1. Stay Safe & Connected: Arrange a proper electrical connection to your main dwelling.
  2. Prepare the Grounds: Clear the area and do any needed demolition work.
  3. Rain or Shine, Be Prepared: Get a flood report and consent for flood-prone areas.
  4. Embrace the Outdoors: Consider a deck and pergola for a relaxing workspace.

Get ready to take on these exciting DIY tasks; additionally, watch your dream space come to life! With the DIY Office Shed, the possibilities are endless, and your personalized workspace will be a true reflection of your creativity and vision. So, happy building!

Don’t wait! Take that exciting first step toward your ideal workspace today