Work Smarter – Build a Garden Office Pod

By August 2, 2021NEWS AND TIPS

Work Smarter – Build a Garden Office Pod

Working smarter means optimizing what you have. And nothing maximizes your space, your time, or your talents better than a garden office pod. If you’re a homeowner in the Melbourne area, give a boost to your productivity, creativity, and relaxation with a simple extension of your home designed and built by Garden Studios of Melbourne.

Garden Office Pods

These home offices can be whatever you envision — a studio for design or photography or a quiet space to read and study — and you can have one just footsteps from your home.

At less than 10 m2, fully insulated garden office pods exempt from approvals. We’ll work with you to design your private sanctuary and then build it in about five weeks. Then, delivered and installed to your desired location.

Garden Studios

These backyard sanctuaries, such as the Think Pod, give you space, quiet, and solitude. Ample lighting lets you use your space at all hours, while full-length windows usher in natural daylight and allow uninterrupted views of your corner of the world.

Customize your floor plans to suit your specific desires, with some that also feature a bathroom.

Modern Granny Flats

Keep Granny, or another housemate, safe and close with our modern take on the classic granny flat. Built with living space in mind, these warm, comfortable extensions of your home are an ideal transitional space for your “kidults” too. That is, more young adults are having trouble finding employment and affordable housing around Melbourne, where property prices are some of the highest in the world.

But Melbourne is also known as one of the most architecturally progressive cities in Australia. So natural exteriors, inviting interiors, and ambient daylighting can blend independent living with the comforts and familiarity of home-like few places in the world.

The expansion of the “Australian Dream” has resulted in a plethora of homes with backyard settings. The visionaries and designers at Garden Studios can help you realize a dream all your own.