Choosing a Home Office Builder in Melbourne

By November 19, 2022NEWS AND TIPS

Choosing a Home Office Builder in Melbourne

When choosing a home office builder in Melbourne it’s essential to work with a team that will ensure your office addition is not only the perfect match for your needs but also the ideal match for your property. For many in Melbourne, space is one of the biggest constraints when building a home office. We actively consider key factors such as the installation location of the office and its impact on the property’s layout.

For this reason, many searching for a home office builder in Melbourne are taking a unique approach. Through the use of “Think Pods” — small stand-alone structures that are prefabricated or build-on-site — many homeowners are finding the ideal solution for their home office needs. Discover why our Think Pods might be the perfect home office solution for you.

1. No Permit, No Hassle

When constructing an add-on to your home, you will usually need to go through a lengthy permitting process. This process often translates into spending a large amount of time and money.

Think Pods are the ultimate home office solution. A building permit is not required for Think Pods below 10 square meters in size. Pick your design, schedule construction, and enjoy your new home office within weeks.

2. Quality Construction and Luxury Design

A home office should be about more than simply expanding your home’s space. A home office should be constructed from high-quality materials and should add to the luxury design of your property.

Garden Studios provides just that. We design all our structures with premium materials and incorporate designs from top architects. Far more than simply adding an office to your home, a Think Pod from Garden Studios will elevate your entire property.

3. Prefabricated or Built-on-Site

ThinkPods can be prefabricated and craned into your property, or our team can build them on-site, adding to the low-hassle process of building a home office. Your home office building team will work with you to determine the ideal solution based on your property’s layout. The goal is to ensure that we work with your property, not against it.

4. Choose from Custom Designs

Prefabricated doesn’t need to mean cookie-cutter. Work with your home office builder in Melbourne to customize your design. Depending on what type of work you do and how much space you need, you can request layout changes and design additions to match your personal preferences.

5. Browse Models for Any Home Office and Expansion Need

Our goal is to help you find a home office that serves you today, tomorrow, and well into the future. That is why we offer unique models designed for any home office and expansion need. When looking for a home office builder in Melbourne, consider our five premier models:

  • Sensei: Our most popular pad yet, this office pod is ideal for compact property layouts.
  • Kyoto: For the creatively inclined, this small but versatile structure is a wonderful pick.
  • Music Pod: The perfect muse for your musical creations, this pod features sound-reduction insulation and a compact design.
  • QB 2.4: If height limits have held you back, the QB 2.4 is a versatile option.
  • Bijoux: Simple, modern, and the ultimate office getaway, the Bijoux can transform your property.
  • If you’re interested in a larger design, we also offer studios and granny flats. However, please keep in mind that a building permit is required for designs over 10 square meters.

To learn more about how we can become your trusted home office builder in Melbourne, please contact us for a free quote.