Why Millennials are Turning to Relocatable Homes and Granny Flats

By June 27, 2024NEWS AND TIPS

In a recent article by Nathan Mawby, a property journalist for the Herald Sun, the growing trend of Millennials turning to relocatable homes and granny flats to address Victoria’s housing crisis was prominently featured.

Specifically, Garden Studios was highlighted in the article, showcasing a granny flat set by a backyard pool. This example underscores its popularity among families looking to provide their adult children with a sense of independence. Garden Studios exemplifies the flexible, independent living solutions reshaping family dynamics and the future of housing in Victoria.

In December of the previous year, the Victorian government made a significant policy change by removing the requirement for a planning permit to add a small second residence, up to 60 square metres in size. This change has further fueled the popularity of relocatable homes and granny flats.

Providers across Melbourne, and even those from interstate, have noted a surge in inquiries and sales. This shift is driven by the need for affordable housing, prompting many Millennials to seek creative and practical solutions.