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The Garden Studios Process.

It’s all about the details.

Initial discussions.

Browse our projects to get an idea of the kind of project that you would like us to build.

Contact us over phone or email and ask us any questions you might have about your potential project.

Book a free project consultation and we can discuss your project in more detail. Ask us any relevant questions you might have; the possibilities of your project are endless.

To make the most of your time with our team it would be recommended that you bring along any relevant photos, measurements and design ideas you might have.

In addition, if you possess any surveys or site plans these would be extremely useful in this early stage.

By the end of this stage you will have a rough plan of the project as well as a quote and a rough time-frame.

Planning the Project.

Once you’ve had your project consultation with our team, the next stage involves putting together a specific project proposal.

This stage is a great deal more in-depth than the initial discussion stage and as such there are planning fees associated. A site inspection will be carried out so that our team can assess the relevant council requirements as well as the compatibility of your plans with your land.

The project proposal will contain the project brief, the building plans and the proposed design concepts.

By the end of this stage once the specifics are discussed you will have a more specific quote as well as a concrete time-frame.


After the project planning and design stages are completed the pre-construction stage will commence. This stage involves acquiring the relevant planning permits and building permits as well as discussing the finishes for the project.

All the finishes of your project will be discussed while staying within the parameters of your budget.

Garden Studios will take care of acquiring the relevant planning permits in the instance that the project requires one.

All the required surveys, assessments and reports will also be completed so as to obtain the planning permits from the local council.

Once the finishes are finalised, we will obtain the building permits. Any other reports will also be arranged.


Depending on the type of project (i.e. granny flat, home offices, or a garden studio, it will be built either at our factory or on site.

The project manager that you dealt with in the previous stages will work closely with the builders to create your project.

In the event that you change your mind about an aspect of the project we will most likely be able to accommodate the change depending on the extent of the modification. The additional expenses will be added to the project cost.