Piling Technology

A strong foundation.

Our granny flat builders engineering principles are based on piling technology using a combination of skin friction and bearing. Because it is a non-displacement pile, the system can be used in any penetrable soil-sands, silts, clays, small gravels and even rock, as well as in all wind categories. Installation times range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on which size Surefoot you are using. Adjustments to plumb and level after your foundation is installed makes it an easy to use system. Surefoot has instant bearing capacity in every direction so works can continue that same day.

Footings keep evolving to take advantage of additional means of withstanding loads. Our system is engineered to Australian Standards and is Building Code of Australia compliant with load capacities up to 360kN (36 tonne). Surefoot’s hybrid system can handle a large bending moment load which means that it can be used for just about any application.

Floor Systems

Surefoot Foundations.

Our Granny Flats and Gardens Studios are constructed using a fully galvanised welded floor system. We use 100 x 50 mm joists, and 150 mm x 50 mm bearers in steel with a thickness of 2 mm. Unlike timber, our floor and foundation system is not susceptible to shrinking and movement. This system allows us to screw fix every floor sheet securely eliminating any squeaking . Our subfloor system and the surefoot foundation, give a long term maintenance free period for the life of your studio.

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Certified GREEN

Custom designed to suit any plan.

Advantages of SIPS Structural Insulated Panels (OPTIONAL)

Custom designed to fit any residential or commercial plan
High Energy Efficiency means long-term savings
Meets all code requirements, faster application time for building permits
More structurally sound, level and plumb than conventional framing
Reduces construction time, labor cost and job site waste
Certified GREEN Building, safety for you and your family
Cost effective construction for today’s home

Solar panel installation friendly

Structurally insulated roofing.

Minimum roof pitch only 1° – lowest pitch roof available
R value of 2.8
Our longest trafficable unsupported span of up to 11.4m means less unsightly beams
Lightweight and easy to install
Wiring services run through core ducts
Custom 37mm high trapezoidal profile
Fire retardant EPS insulated core dramatically reduces radiant heat transfer, mould, condensation and rain noise
Fire flashings available to satisfy BAL-40 specifications
Ceiling fan mounting plates available
Solar panel installation friendly

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