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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got questions concerning the construction of your granny flat, garden studio or modular extension then our granny flats frequently asked questions area is a good point of reference.

Our experienced team of granny flat builders are always on hand to discuss with you any aspect of your granny flat or garden studio project. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help in any way.

Can I design my own granny flat project?

Our garden studios and granny flats are made custom for each client. We tailor the studio to your specific requirements and specifications. Our entire design process lends greatly to high levels of customization. Due to the efficiency of our system if mid-way through your granny flat construction you decide to change your mind about something our system can accommodate it at your expense.

Can I select the finishes of my granny flat project?

The design and finish options for our garden studios and granny flats are limitless and we ensure that we will continue to work with you to a point where you are content with the final product.

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How will my granny flat project be managed?

The assigned project manager for your garden studio will work with the rest of the design team and the construction team to create your project just as you envisioned it. As the client, you will stay in control throughout the whole of your granny flat design process.

What are the size restrictions of a potential project?

There are no limitations in terms of size for a potential project; you are only limited by available land. It should, however, be noted that the planning and building permits for granny flats do tend to take longer depending on the scope of the project.

Can I add to my Garden Studio in the future?

Due to the modularity of the Garden Studios process, our projects are very easy to add to in the future and we frequently undertake work for clients where we add to existing projects. Ultimately, this means you can build the granny flat you can afford now and add to it later.

Do I need my site specially prepared?

Our installation team will prepare the site for your project. In some instances, additional site preparation will be required and this will have an associated cost, however Garden Studios will ensure that any associated costs are contained within the project’s budget.

What guarantees and warranties will I get with my project?

All projects completed by Garden Studios come with a standard 10-year Home Owner’s warranty as required by Victorian Law. This means that if anything goes wrong within that timeframe we will fix it at no additional cost to you.

What kind of maintenance will my project require?

The studios and granny flats that we build require minimal maintenance. The one exception is if you choose cedar cladding. To keep cedar cladding in good condition you should oil it every 12 months.

How long will it take to install and build my Garden Studio?

The timeframe of our granny flat and garden studio projects changes on a case-to-case basis, however, our granny flat builders and installers will rarely ever exceed more than 8 weeks. It would be best to contact us concerning this or to use our range page as a guide.

Will there be any additional costs associated with my granny flat project?

Once the final granny flat or garden studio project quote is given to you we will stay strictly within those parameters. The only instance in which there will be additional costs would be if you decided to change your mind about an aspect of your project after construction has already begun. In such an event, we would be happy to accommodate any changes.

What if I change my mind about something mid-way through construction?

If our granny flat builders have already started the construction and you decide to change your mind about an aspect of the project, we will be able to accommodate these change at the appropriate additional costs.

Will I need a planning permit for my granny flat or garden studio?

In some situations, planning permission is required. This depends on a number of factors including size and the planning regulations operated by your local council. Things like flood and heritage considerations can restrict the building of granny flats and garden studios on particular sites too, but we have extensive experience dealing with these problems. Our team therefore handles all planning issues for you to ensure hurdles are overcome.

Can Garden Studios assist with the process of subdivision?

Land subdivision will ultimately be determined by your local Council or Land Surveyor. However, Garden Studios can assist with the process of a subdivision by drafting and submitting plans to Council on your behalf and offering advice on the best method of approach to this process.

How long will it take to get the relevant granny flat or garden studio planning permits?

Generally due the bureaucratic nature of local councils, this usually depends on the scope of your garden studio or granny flat project. This can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the studio.

How durable are the garden studios and granny flats?

All our garden studios and granny flats are built using durable construction methods, plus they conform to all Victorian building standards and regulations. In fact, they are built to withstand cyclone-force winds. We use SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panel System) to build all the garden studios and granny flats in our collections. This means they are not only completely insulated but are also structurally sound, with the weight of the roof spread evenly across the panels. We also use timber frame construction in some cases.

What is the energy star rating of the garden studios and granny flats?

All of our garden studios and granny flats come with a minimum 6-star energy efficiency rating. In some cases, we achieve a higher energy efficiency rating depending on the project.

What kind of insulation will my garden studio have?

All our studios and granny flats are fully insulated. We use walls and roofs made from high-density PU foam. It has an R value of 3.2 so maintains a comfortable temperature inside, regardless of the temperature outside. In fact, our garden studios and granny flats have better insulation than many brick-built homes. The technically advanced building materials we use mean our studios often get a seven-star energy rating, although this is site specific.

What heating and cooling options can I have?

Heating and cooling options are not part of a set of standard inclusions as requirements differ greatly depending on both location and project usage. Open fireplaces, pot belly stoves, gas fires and hydronic heating are all popular heating options while ceiling fans and, sometimes, air-conditioning systems are the most common cooling options. Garden Studios will work with you to establish the best cost and energy solution for your garden studio or granny flat project.

Is the project suitable for extreme climatic conditions i.e. alpine/desert regions?

Yes, the garden studios that we create use Structurally Insulated Panels that generate a thermal property that makes them an ideal choice for extreme climatic conditions. With “R” values of 2.8 in the floors, 3.7 in the walls and 5.7 in the ceilings in combination with double glazed windows and doors the ambient temperature of the space is both constant and comfortable with very little requirement for additional heating and cooling.

What are the builder’s accreditations of Garden Studios?

Garden Studios is a member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria No. 240399. In addition to this, we have both a Domestic Building License No. 7806 and a Commercial Building License No. 56032.

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