Building a Shed on a Steep Slope

By August 28, 2023NEWS AND TIPS

Today, we want to tell you about an exciting project we recently completed. We took on the challenge of building a shed on a steep slope.

The clients desire, well, it was both simple and complex: design and build a Shed that seamlessly blends with the backyard’s natural layout, all while avoiding any soil removal and providing a functional workspace.

Building the Shed

The initial hurdle we faced was creating a stable, level foundation on the uneven slope. To address this, we opted for a pile foundation supported by six footings, establishing a rock-solid base that paved the way for the project’s evolution.

Over two weeks of meticulous work, we brought the shed to life. The Shed positioned at a high vantage point created by the steep slope, it overlooks the backyard, embracing the stunning garden view through a captivating picture window. The office area strategically sits in front of this window, making the most of the garden aspect. This placement not only offers a unique view above the garden but also creates a distinct environment for the newly built home office. Our thoughtful choices on the steep slope added value to the entire property, increasing its appeal to potential buyers.

The client and his family loved the new space. Beyond its functionality, the shed serves as an example of smart design that fits well with the natural surroundings.

The GardenStudios Experience:

Why GardenStudios? Because we’re not your average builders. We’re here to turn dreams into reality. We take the time to carefully listen to and understand your needs and ideas. And then, with our skills, we make it happen. Each project by GardenStudios is a blend of modern style and the raw charm of nature, just like your modern shed on a steep slope will be.

If you’re interested in maximizing your backyard’s potential, especially if it has a sloped? reach out to us for a complimentary consultation and share your vision