7 Tips On How to Choose the Most Reliable Granny Flat Builder

By December 8, 2017NEWS AND TIPS

Choosing the right person or company as your granny flat builder is extremely important to get right first time. With so many things that can go wrong, from the planning stage through to the actual building process, if you don’t choose reliable granny flat builders your dreams can turn into an absolute nightmare.

This choice isn’t made any easier when you scan through the sheer number of studio builders that are on the market and seeing the huge granny flat collection. Given that going through each and every one is virtually impossible unless you have a lot of time on your hands, we’ve provided 7 simple tips on choosing the right granny flat builder to assemble your dream.

1- Go for reliability and punctuality

One of the major concerns when building a superior granny flat is the time it takes to do so. Therefore, punctuality becomes immediately vital, as you don’t want large tracts of your property to resemble construction sites for too long. You should always ask for examples of completed projects from your potential granny flat builder, and always check to see whether there are any online reviews regarding their finished work.

If the granny flat is a pre-constructed one, it may help to inquire about the company’s method of transport. This will give you a rough idea of how difficult or simple the build process will be. Generally, there will also be some form of a mini-crane used during this building process, and you should also ask the granny flat builder what type of conditions they would guarantee, in terms of transportation and minimising damage to the structure.

2- Home warranty insurance

Your granny flat builder must have the correct insurance policy to begin and complete the work. There is a way around this, which is both vital for you and the granny flat builder. They must be able to show you a valid Certificate of Currency, which ensures that WorkCover has registered them for building insurance. Some certificates may also have certain conditions included, and it will help your cause to be familiar with each and every aspect of the document.

3- Do they have reliable and qualified suppliers?

Your builder will have their own material suppliers. Much like how the integrity of your builder is important, so is the integrity of those suppliers. A cheaper price on your build may mean that they are using poor materials from less expensive or trusted suppliers. This can affect anything from the quality of the structural materials to product finishes, such as tiles or cornices.

You should always try to find a granny flat builder who guarantees that they will be using only Australian-made materials from local suppliers. Not only will this provide you with peace of mind, but it will also help local businesses in the area.

4- A wide range of design options

You should always be wary of a granny flat builder that only offers one or two types of designs. This generally means that they provide purely budget solutions, and are also not flexible in terms of specific demands or requirements from either you or the landscape of your property. Always ask to see their range of designs, and then carefully inspect the diversity of each of their granny flat options.

5- Communication and transparency

The sign of a reliable granny flat builder is in their willingness to engage in open discourse with you regarding what you want and what you’re after. This will also be evident if they are able to tweak or fine-tune certain aspects of their designs to suit your specific needs for the granny flat. This communication should continue throughout the building process as well, if you have chosen your builder wisely, making the management side of your project a more straightforward process.

6- Choose reliable granny flat builders that will treat your home like their own

The last thing anyone wants is to have a major disruption and mess left over after the construction of a granny flat. As with any other type of building or renovation, you should ensure that you find reliable granny flat builders that you can trust to look after your property during the whole building process. Not only is this purely about respect, but it is also an indication of the success and quality of the entire granny flat-building process.

7- Choose someone that is only a granny flat builder

Granny flat builders sometimes aren’t everything that they appear to be. Many are part of a larger construction company that also offers renovations or extensions. Whilst this isn’t always a bad thing, there can be confusion regarding the paperwork and approval process that is specific to a granny flat in Melbourne. For your own peace of mind, go with a builder that exclusively specialises in granny flats, and not one that is a jack-of-all-trades.