Jim Grant’s Small Home Office

Discover the remarkable transformation of Jim Grant’s small garden space into a functional and inspiring home office, made possible by the innovative “Sensei”  a Think Pod by Garden Studios. Explore the versatile possibilities of this creative space, whether it be a dedicated workspace, home gym, a relaxing retreat or like Jim Grant’s small home office. Unlock the secrets of designing a private and productive environment that’s just steps away from the comfort of your own home.

Boosting Productivity with the Sensei Pod

Jim Grant, a business consultant, transformed a small-space in his garden into a practical and efficient home office. He recognized the benefits of having a separate workspace close to his main house. This undeniably space gives him the privacy and in addition he finds it practical and suitable for hosting productive discussions with his clients. This dedicated room enables you to perform at your best while being just a short walk away from your family and the convenience of your own fridge.

Key Advantage for a Small Home Office:

Gardenstudios offers a range of pod designs, all built on the 10-square meter platform, Many of these pods have a footprint that is below 10 square meters, which means they do not require a building permit in Melbourne. This makes them a great option for customers like Jim Grant who want to add extra space to their property.