We Dreamed a Home Office Studio to Life – Then called it Thinkpod!

The idea for this home office studio originated during the Covid pandemic, when limited supplies and restricted access to construction sites sparked creativity.

Creating Functional Spaces:

We collaborated with U-Build UK to design a prefabricated home office studio, that can be placed in your backyard. The studio is manufactured using a simple CNC machine, like those used for kitchen cabinets and wardrobes by cabinet makers. We acquired Birch ply from a local company, which was imported from Russia before the invasion. We purchased the ply and set up the CNC machine to cut the boxes.

Cutting Costs

This system involves assembling coffin-shaped long boxes on-site to create home office studios. Each box is approx. 600 mm die by 2700 mm long and has a cavity in it for insulation. The cavity is about 200 mm deep, enough to pack sufficient insulation to make the whole thing quite cost. Because this sheets are cut the same way that a jig saw works, we were able to reduce the number of screws required. The boxes are then attached in parallel to form the floor and wall of the studio. Each box is a structural member capable of taking a load, and is secured using nuts and bolts at three levels along the outside.

Efficiency in Design

Our home office studio eliminates the need for aluminum windows, by incorporating pre-made windows during the cutting of the Russian Birch material. Recesses created by a router allow for easy installation of the glazing. This approach saves costs and provides an exciting alternative to traditional window and door manufacturing methods. This Thinkpod was designed to be used as a home office, and we originally planned it to serve as a doctor’s home office, though when Covid was in it’s throws, the idea was dropped and we had to make use of the product. The Thinkpod today functions as an office in our workshop.

Home Office Studio

Home Office Studio

Home Office Studio - Birch