Why You Need an Outside Office

If you’re a mother who recently transitioned her office to her home, you might initially feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Working from home saves you time on commuting, and you can be there for your children whenever they need you. However, after a few months, you may realize that working from home isn’t as productive as you expected. This is where the idea of having an outside office, or what I like to call my “thinkpod,” comes in.

A lot of benefits come with setting up an outside office. Here are four reasons why you should consider setting up an outside office:

Enhanced Focus

One of the challenges I faced while working inside the house was the difficulty of concentrating on work while also being available for my kids. By creating an outside office, I can now work without distractions and still be within close proximity to my children if they need assistance. The semi-private working area allows me to strike a balance between work and family.


Initially, the idea of building an office in my garden seemed complex and costly. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that setting up an outside office was simpler and more affordable than I had anticipated. I now have a dedicated workspace just a door away from my children, ensuring that I can be accessible to them when required.

Clear Work/Home Separation

The greatest benefit of having an outside office is the clear divide it creates between work and home life. By having a separate workspace, I can fully immerse myself in my tasks and enjoy quality time with my children without work distractions. This separation is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Positive Impact on Mental Health

The ability to customize my office space allowed me to incorporate elements that enhance my well-being. I prioritized features such as large windows and sliding doors to let in natural sunlight and fresh air, which have a positive impact on my mental health. Creating a space that suits your needs and enhances your productivity can make a significant difference in your workday.

Final Thoughts

My discovery of thinkpods and the decision to set up an outside office have been life-changing for me. The thinkpod provides me with an environment where I can remain aware of my surroundings while accomplishing my tasks.  The unexpected benefits of having an outside office have exceeded my initial expectations. The connection with nature that comes with working outside has led to a positive shift in my thinking abilities. As a result of my productive mornings, my evenings have become significantly happier. Being able to enjoy quality time with my family without the burden of work-related thoughts is a valuable aspect of achieving a healthy work-life balance.