5 Minimalistic Home Extension Designs for Granny Flats

By April 9, 2018NEWS AND TIPS

With the population growing at an increasing rate, more and more people each day are turning to granny flats Melbourne for living space. They can be beautifully designed, however, when the interior isn’t thought through fully, they can end up cramped and messy. Adjusting to a small space can be pretty tricky, especially if you’re a sentimental person, but if you’re looking to adapt to a granny flat collection, here are 5 minimalistic home extension designs for granny flats:

Using Walls

Tired of your photo frames, lamps and plants taking up side-tables? Hanging your pictures and switching to wall lights can optimize your space massively! When positioned to a set frame, multiple pictures can create a gorgeous feature wall to draw together an entire room. You can also hang plants or use wall planters along a hall to bring a naturalistic feel to the blandest of places. Instead of using coffee tables, which eat up space like crazy, shelves can be placed up high if there’s still something you want to display on a surface. Hanging large mirrors along tight spaces can open up the area dramatically, and if plain mirrors aren’t for you, feel free to make a collage of interesting mirrors to match the room style. You could also combine all three and use an “Illuminated Mirror Cabinet” in a small bathroom for storage, lighting and visually increasing the size of the room.

Fold Out Furniture

Another way to optimize space in a minimalist environment it by installing fold-out furniture. Big items such as ironing boards, dining tables and desks can easily be disguised as a draw or attached to a wall with some hinges and for a small price too! By ridding of large static pieces, your space will maximize, no longer taking up the majority of a room. IKEA provides a lot of useful storage systems to line walls ranging from two draws to entire personalised walls. Needless to say, there are plenty of ways in which you can reduce the amount of space taken up by furniture and organize all your items in order to keep your living space clean and tidy.

Combining Rooms

This is a relatively simple and effective way of saving space. By combining a bathroom and laundry room you can improve your living style, making it easier to do the washing. If you want to combine these two rooms, one way you could do it to optimize space and save cleaning time is by having a shower-only bathroom. Think about it, no more time cleaning that bath that you barely use; instead, put a shower in one corner and stack the washer and dryer in the other.

Have a Bright Colour Scheme

Dark colours always seem to close in a space, minimizing light and creating a cramped feel. But by opting for lighter wall colours and furniture options, the rooms will feel bright and airy, making the whole room seem bigger and cleaner. LED’s can be used to create the look of a higher ceiling if you want to feel even less crowded but you can also use bigger lampshades as statement pieces to add to the vibe of a room. Feel free to add a pop of colour in each room in the garden studio using pillows, art or kitchen equipment in a bright colour. This will add depth to the room and bring the living space together to create a nicer aesthetic. You can even store multiple pillow case covers under a sofa if it has a set of draws under so you can switch them out when you feel like it, to create a different mood.

Put Wheels On Furniture

Wheels can create a well functioning, interesting and interchangeable environment (obviously, this point only stands for when it’s sensible: nightstands, drawer units etc.) and makes your living space more flexible. Metal trolleys are a great way to create more storage as they’re small and easy to transfer from one room to the other. If you’re an avid reader, they’re a great place to store books; if you love to create, they’re great for art supplies or if you have children, they’re a brilliant substitute for a toy box. Placing furniture on wheels also means you won’t get tired of your granny flat look and if something isn’t as practical as it could be, it’s simple to switch to a more effective layout.

Overall, garden studios are an effective use of space when the interior decoration is designed correctly and can really help to organize your belongings and give you the minimalist lifestyle of your dreams. So if you feel like switching to a simpler style of living, consider opting for an affordable granny flat, regardless of the number of grandchildren you have!

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