5 Minimalistic Home Extension Designs for Granny Flats

By April 9, 2018NEWS AND TIPS

With the population growing at an increasing rate, more and more people each day are turning to granny flats Melbourne for living space. They can be beautifully designed, however, when the interior isn’t thought through fully, they can end up cramped and messy. Adjusting to a small space can be pretty tricky, especially if you’re a sentimental person, but if you’re looking to adapt to a granny flat collection, here are 5 minimalistic home extension designs for granny flats:

Using Walls

Optimize space by hanging pictures, switching to wall lights, and using wall planters for a natural feel. Replace coffee tables with high shelves for displays. Hanging large mirrors in tight spaces can dramatically open up the area. Consider an “Illuminated Mirror Cabinet” for storage, lighting, and visually expanding a small bathroom.

Fold Out Furniture

To optimize space in a minimalist environment, consider fold-out furniture like hidden ironing boards, dining tables, and desks. Attach them to walls with hinges for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Eliminating large static pieces allows for maximum space utilization. IKEA offers diverse storage systems, from two drawers to entire personalized walls.

Combining Rooms

This is a relatively simple and effective way of saving space. By combining a bathroom and laundry room you can improve your living style, making it easier to do the washing. If you want to combine these two rooms, one way you could do it to optimize space and save cleaning time is by having a shower-only bathroom. Think about it, no more time cleaning that bath that you barely use; instead, put a shower in one corner and stack the washer and dryer in the other.

Have a Bright Colour Scheme

Choose a bright color scheme for a more spacious and airy feel in your garden studio. Lighter wall colors and furniture options can make rooms appear larger and cleaner. Use LED lights for the illusion of higher ceilings, or opt for larger lampshades as statement pieces. Introduce pops of color with pillows, art, or kitchen accessories to add depth and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Put Wheels On Furniture

Wheels can enhance functionality and flexibility in your living space, especially for items like nightstands and drawer units. Metal trolleys provide versatile storage that can be easily moved between rooms. Whether you’re storing books, art supplies, or children’s toys, these wheeled units offer adaptability. Additionally, furniture on wheels prevents monotony, allowing for easy layout adjustments to enhance practicality in your granny flat.

Incorporating these home extension designs into your garden studio can effectively utilize space, organize belongings, and provide the minimalist lifestyle you desire. So if you feel like switching to a simpler style of living, consider opting for an affordable granny flat, regardless of the number of grandchildren you have!

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