House Extension Ideas: Why A Modular Extension Is Best

By March 19, 2018NEWS AND TIPS

Looking for house extension ideas and designs? A modular extension is the best option.

Also known as flat-pack extensions, prefab extensions, or modular granny flats, they are becoming increasingly popular, not only because they’re simpler to install but due to the lower costs.

Find out the advantages of choosing a modular home extension.

Quick House Extension and Easy To Build and Install

The most apparent reason is speed. Three and a half months; to nine months for a conventional build. Traditional builders aim to spread overhead costs by completing two or three house extensions annually. Renovators, on the other hand, manage multiple contractors to cover substantial marketing and administration expenses, striving to turn a profit through numerous builds. The radio jingles and suits all are burdens the business model has to carry. The bigger renovators will naturally have a higher defect rate because managing so many trades is like trying to herd ducks. In the case of a modular extension, there are just two carpenters from start to finish which is approximately forty days on-site and the usual seven trades to get you to the finish line in the project: tiler, plasterer, painter, cabinetmaker, floor installer/dancer, electrician, and plumber.

Lower Costs

A modular extension sees a decrease in costs of up to thirty-five percent, because of the speed of construction. This is a big advantage when considering current housing affordability issues. Technological advances like GPS tracking, daily job allocation and project and production management software, help everybody stay on track and deliver outcomes that make the “she’ll be right army” looking like a guppy fish at feeding time (a Blackadder reference, in case you missed it). Any risk of land overcapitalisation is also minimised, as the financial outlay, fortunately, is smaller. However, the system has its limitations in that, not everything is possible. It is possible only because the lego blocks are of a certain size and height. It works if you compute the multiples of prefabricated panels that form the subframe of the building and if you are happy with the size.

No system is without its shortcomings. Even Bardot once had a mustache. But ultimately, modular extensions are a fantastic and frugal way to extend the living or working space and add to the overall value of your home or office. They can also blend in seamlessly with the existing space. So, why not go for a modular extension?

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