The Return in Popularity of Granny Flats

By September 27, 2017NEWS AND TIPS

The perception of what granny flats are has definitely changed over the years. From one room bungalows in the backyard to the stylish, five-star resort type granny flats of these modern times, no other type of architecture has changed so quickly nor more vastly. Welcome the return in popularity of granny flats.

But when and how did this change from weatherboard cube to a versatile, additional granny flat space happen?

In this article, we’ll be looking into what made granny flats such an inviting investment for many homeowners right across Victoria, Melbourne and indeed Australia. We’ll also talk about the fine specifics that make these desirable granny flats so special as a home extension idea. At Garden Studios, we have been leading the charge in granny flat design, and we specialise in all purpose, high quality granny flats, no matter the budget or situation.

Granny Flats are Great for Extra Space

As our culture of home living changes from the “Australian Dream” to a larger property at the expense of green space, granny flats have played an important part. They allow for older homes to add extra, interior space for almost any reason that you can think of. Their affordability has played a key role in this, so too has their versatility as an open area.

Granny flats are built to be a blank canvas first and foremost, so it’s up to your imagination as to what it becomes. A recreational area for that long desired pool table? A spot to jam out with your bandmates? Or even your own, secluded office space away from the hustle and bustle of the home, the choice is yours.

Attractive Architecture Makes Granny Flats Luxurious

Granny flats twenty years or so ago used to mean a one room, square weatherboard build. This wasn’t really compatible with the exterior design of many homes of the time, and as such took pride and place in the corner of the backyard, far away from sight. An improvement in material quality has meant now that granny flats are almost luxurious in nature.

Easily tailored to the style of your home, and boasting of magnificent facilities inside, these modern day granny flats are almost desirable for their aesthetics alone. There are many home extension designs that you can incorporate into the interior of your granny flat. This has meant that, for those looking to bring their families closer together, they can offer their loved ones a home to be proud of.

Environmentally Conscious

Granny flat designers and builders were one of the first sectors in the building industry to jump on board the drive towards a sustainable environment. Granny flats will incorporate this eco-friendly thinking into the entire build, from the exterior materials, right down to the floor plan and the appliances used.

Eco-friendly materials incorporated into the exterior build and concrete free base construction, such as the method that we use here at Garden Studios, will not only look great, but be easier on the environment. You can also expect that your granny flat will be suitably insulated, minimising the risk of having the air conditioner on for a prolonged period of time.

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