Top Factors To Consider in Building Granny Flats

By August 22, 2017NEWS AND TIPS

So what are the top reasons to build a granny flat?

Granny flats are springing up across the nation’s suburbs as property owners convert their backyards for more living space. They are a popular home extension idea. So what are their top reasons to build a granny flat?

The additional income and generous tax deductions say financial and construction specialists

Granny flats cannot be built as a dual occupancy, which means the cost is lower to build one on your property. It also means they cannot be sold separately. Make sure you make all the right decisions when making this investment.

Here are our top 6 tips to consider when building your Melbourne granny flat:


Make sure the granny flat or garden studio you build has a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Remember, this is more than just a storeroom. You need to design a space that works best for you and comfort is key.

Stand tall

Make sure your garden studio or granny flat has plenty of room for movement and storage. Ceiling height is important. Many garden buildings feel cramped because they have low ceilings. Think about how much space you need above your head.

Let the light shine

Ensure that your granny flat has plenty of light and air. Check that windows and doors are in the right place to make maximum use of natural daylight, air flow and to capture the view.

Natural materials

If you can afford it, look for garden studios made with natural materials and woods that don’t need preservatives. Consider avoiding plastic components. The final result that you are aiming for is a maintenance-free studio so that you can work in it, not on it!


This is often a concern for granny flat buyers! Many people believe that good insulation is all about keeping warm in winter, but they forget that it can also help keep your granny flat cool in the summer. Make sure your granny flat is properly insulated so your living environment is as comfortable as possible throughout the year.


Requirements for planning permits and approvals vary between states. Ensure that you choose a building partner that understands the requirements in your area and is best suited to build your perfect granny flat.

Whether it be a home for a family member, or simply additional space to stimulate the creative nous, Melbourne Garden Studios is here for you. Their granny flat design and building consultants will be all ears, as they work together to design an outdoor studio that everyone in the family can enjoy. If you are in Victoria, Melbourne contact us right away, and let us design your new backyard cabin.

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